Organize Your Property Taxes Now

{{职位.标题}} Why Should You Organize Your Taxes Now? 4月15日, 2016 may seem far away and you can wait to organize the information you need for your income tax return. 这可能是真的. 事实上, 你甚至可以申请延期, which would mean you have even more time before you have to worry about this annoying detail.Right now, you are probably think...

New Listing: Rice Military / Washington Corridor

{{职位.标题}} 1805 Radcliffe St , 休斯顿 德州 77007JUST LISTED! Townhome for lease  Rice Military/ Washington Corridor…Stunning Free Standing be365网上注册 In A Gated Community..Perfect Location In Rice Military.. Modern Contemporary Design/ Open Floor Plan Great For Entertaining..Spacious Gourmet Kitchen/ Granite/ Glass Backsplash/ Island Se...

Why do YOU need a Property Manager?

{{职位.标题}} If you invested in property for rental income, you might want to consider a property manager. You may not realize how time consuming effectively managing a property can be and could become overwhelmed in a short period of time, whether you are a first time investor or a veteran.Properties require long-term commitment and it doesn’t ...

4 Steps To Save Time And Reduce Stress When Moving

You've found the perfect new home. Both excitement and fear fill your thoughts. Moving can be stressful and full of surprise expenses. With a little preparation and organization, you CAN plan a budget-friendly, low-stress move. Take a deep breath and let’s think this through together. 德州地区物业 & 管理 ...

What Makes A Good Property Manager?

{{职位.标题}} Property management is an area of real estate that most agents shy away from. It lacks the thrill of working a sale contract to closing and requires a more consistent task oriented approach.  一个属性等内容er usually handles a portfolio of properties and many have unique circumstances that must be considered.  一个属性等内容...

Just Out : 休斯顿 be365网上注册 销售 Edge Up In April 2015

{{职位.标题}} The following is the most recent 休斯顿 MLS Report, published by the 休斯顿 Association of Realtors. The data covers 休斯顿 be365网上注册 销售 and real estate trends from the last twelve months ( April 2014 – April 2015).HOUSTON — (May 13, 2015) — 休斯顿 home sales held to positive territory in April and inven...

Investing In 休斯顿 Real Estate?

{{职位.标题}} Investing in real estate can be extremely profitable.  Many people have made money off of real estate and some have generated substantial amounts of wealth. Those that have created the most wealth are usually in it for the long-haul instead of looking for the get rich quick scheme. True real estate investors know there will be many u...

Preparing Your Property For Rental

 When you contact 德州地区物业 & 管理 for a rental appraisal we will provide you with suggestions for achieving the maximum rental rate. We will also give you suggestions of any health or safety concerns, providing recommendations to ensure that you are not exposed legally.When preparing your property for Rental o...

Acquiring and Keeping Good 租户

{{职位.标题}} Acquiring and keeping good tenants doesn’t happen by luck. At 德州地区物业 and 管理 our philosophy is to get the best tenants and keep them in the property as long as possible. We believe this to be one of the most important jobs that a property management 休斯顿 company has to perform. Investors are concerned about the ...

10 Questions To Ask Your Property 管理 Company

{{职位.标题}} Questions to ask your property management company:Do you have any construction or home repair experience?Having a property manager that knows about homes and has experience will pay off.  A person with experience can make the right call on the best approach when it comes to repairs or preventative maintenance for your property. ...

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